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[DPRG] two tech questions

Subject: [DPRG] two tech questions
From: Gwaland gwaland at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jul 19 10:44:51 CDT 2012

1)  I suggest looking at no machine nx desktop instead of vnc.  It has a
much better performance than vnc and will give you a better experience.
It connects via ssh in order to provide the desktop,  you will still need
to make sure you have a windowmanager etc configured on the linux box of
course. http://www.nomachine.com/

2) If you don't mind slightly older specs you might try to find a dell zino
theater pc.  It had a small form factor and HDMI.

On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 10:35 AM, -Old Dog- <puppy_dog500 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hey guys:
> I've know this does not relate directly to robotics, but frankly this is
> the most qualified group I know to ask this to:
> (1) I want to to connect an XP computer to a Linux box running Red Hat
> Linux and bring up a GUI interface on the XP box. The Linux box interface
> is SSH. I can connect to the Linux box in command line mode now using Putty
> and SSH. I need to be able to see graphical utilities like textedit on the
> PC. I am looking at possibly VNC or Cygwin but have not found the details
> of how to do it yet.
> (2) My wife and I watch most of our TV through either netflicks or
> youtube. I'd like to use a dedicated machine, rather than hooking &
> unhooking my laptop. However I have yet to be able to find a machine that
> meets the following requirements: (1) HDMI output (2) built-in WiFi (3)
> small form factor & looks nice (4) enough muscle to web-surf easily (5)
> keyboard and mouse interface [am not interesting in aligning a smartphone
> or whatever is popular right now]. Any suggestions guys?
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