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[DPRG] 12 volt 3 phase motor controller recommendations.

Subject: [DPRG] 12 volt 3 phase motor controller recommendations.
From: robert cunningham rjc-wkz at swbell.net
Date: Sat Sep 8 19:42:50 CDT 2012

I would like to see if anyone has a motor controller design or information on a home built or OTS unit that would be able to drive a converted car alternator 30A or 60A modified as a 3 phase motor. Thinking about making an electric bike or motorcycle for a project. I see there are a good number of OTS units out there $$$ is the major factor. A smaller drive with outboard drive transistors, MOSFETS, etc. Open to suggestions. I do not know how fancy it needs to be or what is available-ramp up time, current limiting, feedback voltage control or hall effect position sensor required. Motor field control options or requirements as to load or power out.
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