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[DPRG] 12 volt 3 phase motor controller recommendations.

Subject: [DPRG] 12 volt 3 phase motor controller recommendations.
From: Quinones, Jose jquinones at ti.com
Date: Sat Sep 8 20:32:18 CDT 2012

Hi Bob,

The best thing I can recommend is the DRV8301 EVM which has 82A FETs. This is a beast of a 3 phase BLDC motor driver with the capability to run sensor-less algorithms (FOC).

You can also make your own board with the DRV8301 and 6 FETs of your choosing, but it would be way cheaper to just buy the EVM as you will be spinning the motor in about 5 to 10 minutes. Unless the project is to actually work on the power stage. All the documentation you can possibly need is on the Control Suite software package.

Here is a link to the EVM:


BTW, if I recall, this device is being used in eBikes. It is also the last driver I used to drive my R2D2 as you can use two of the three half H Bridges to drive a DC motor. I did design my own board, but there are some bugs I have not had a chance to fix, so I would not want to cloud your success with my current failure mechanisms. Have used the device and know a little bit about it so feel free to let me know if there are questions on how to get it to work.

Best regards,

Jose I Quinones
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Subject: [DPRG] 12 volt 3 phase motor controller recommendations.

I would like to see if anyone has a motor controller design or information on a home built or OTS unit that would be able to drive a converted car alternator 30A or 60A modified as a 3 phase motor. Thinking about making an electric bike or motorcycle for a project. I see there are a good number of OTS units out there $$$ is the major factor. A smaller drive with outboard drive transistors, MOSFETS, etc. Open to suggestions. I do not know how fancy it needs to be or what is available-ramp up time, current limiting, feedback voltage control or hall effect position sensor required. Motor field control options or requirements as to load or power out.



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