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[DPRG] STM32 F3 seminar (free STM32 F3 MPU with an IMU !)

Subject: [DPRG] STM32 F3 seminar (free STM32 F3 MPU with an IMU !)
From: richard neveau rsneveau at hotmail.com
Date: Sat Sep 15 21:39:00 CDT 2012

There will be a Dallas seminar for new STM32 F3 and you might get a free F3 discovery board

looks like they will be 'picking' who gets to go if they get too many people apply but can't hurt to try to get on the list.
They ran out of free F0 discovery boards at the previous F0 seminar in Dallas so don't be too late if they give you a slot. I never did get my 'free F0 board' as I arrived late.
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