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[DPRG] E-mail service recommendations?

Subject: [DPRG] E-mail service recommendations?
From: -Old Dog- puppy_dog500 at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Sep 17 11:48:16 CDT 2012

Hey guys:

I suppose I should apologize for using you all as a resource. However, you all have the biggest base of practical technical know-how of anyone I know.

Long story short, is that I need to find a new company e-mail provider. We are looking an an initial number of about 350 accounts, with the possibility to go up to 500. I want to say we are requesting 50 Gigs of storage space total.

My first try-was Go-Daddy dot com. I was not impressed by their inability to deliver a written quote.

An you guys recommend anyone?

Thanks much
-Martin Meier

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