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[DPRG] Reminder: VB.NET Class in Game Programming, Tomorrow

Subject: [DPRG] Reminder: VB.NET Class in Game Programming, Tomorrow
From: Eric Chaney eric at metaldust.com
Date: Fri Sep 21 15:17:46 CDT 2012

Goto http://www.meetup.com/vb-net/ to sign up.

Topic: Video Game Programming, Collision Detection
and Microsoft XNA Game Studio

When: Saturday September 22nd at 5PM to 8PM
Where: at the Dallas Makerspace 2995 Ladybird Ln, Dallas, TX
Cost: The Event is free. Everyone is welcome.

Previous Experience: None, Just show up.
We will teach you everything you need!

Topics Covered:

1. Bouncing Ball Physics
2. Pathfinding algorithm
3. Porting your code into XNA


Please Bring a Laptop to Follow Along.

Please install Visual Studio.NET Prior to
coming to class.

XNA Will require Visual Studio 2010.
Express or Professional


Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0

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