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[DPRG] The Power Switch Complaint

Subject: [DPRG] The Power Switch Complaint
From: Kevin Goodwin kgoodone at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Sep 24 09:34:52 CDT 2012


Kevin Goodwin 
aka Dr. Frankenstein

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Subject: [DPRG] The Power Switch Complaint

i collect toy robots, some of which have legs. most of these legged robots have the power switch located...   yep, you guessed it...    right between the legs. usually in the rear. pardon the bun, i mean pun. this might be amusing to some [like the designers] but when a kid and his mom are trying to find the power switch i always get a little embarrassed. especially when they're looking at me waiting for an answer...    "it's right...   uh....   there...    no, there....   between the...     just turn it over....   yep. right there."

so i have thought of a new place, more appropriate location for safety, ease of use & for the respect of others [including the robot], THE NOSE. nobody ever uses a robot nose for anything. that way, when the stupid thing runs into the wall it will shut itself off and maybe i can finally get some work done around here! let's face it, if your robot is still running into walls then it needs a little time out.

question: are these robot designers completely clueless? or perverted wise-ass pranksters?
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