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[DPRG] SparkFun Group Buy

Subject: [DPRG] SparkFun Group Buy
From: Nikropht nikropht at gmail.com
Date: Fri Sep 28 14:01:35 CDT 2012

It is time for another SparkFun group buy.

The Rules:

You must be either a DMS or DPRG member in good standing.
If you order something and don't pay for it you cannot participate in
any future group buys.

The Perks:

Free Shipping!
Pickup at DMS
On average 10% or more off list.

To place an order email meber at kineteka.com with the subject "SparkFun Group Buy"
List your items like the list below:

1          COM-09903
1          PRT-11496
3          DEV-11113

I will respond with the following

QTY     SKU                 LIST             COST          TOTAL
1          COM-09903      $29.95          $28.00         $28.00
1          PRT-11496       $24.95          $22.00         $28.00
3          DEV-11113      $18.95          $14.00          $42.00

Order Total $98.00
You saved $13.75 + Shipping!

Reply confirming your order, then you can pick it up next week at DMS
and pay then.


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