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[DPRG] Tanners Event 4/13

Subject: [DPRG] Tanners Event 4/13
From: Karim Virani karim at compuguru.com
Date: Fri Apr 12 18:02:12 CDT 2013

DMS will likely be peopled on a Saturday afternoon.  I think there might be
a laser certification class tomorrow.  But I can get you in if nobody else
is there.  I can go that way on my way home from Tanners.

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Subject: [DPRG] Tanners Event 4/13

Hi all,

I'm going to be bringing by a few things to drop off at the DMS after the
show; does anybody know if it will be open Sat. afternoon?
Also, does anybody have (and can bring) a copy of either the most recent
SmallParts, or Mondo-tronic's 'Robot Store' catalogs that they no longer
want that I can have?

aka The Other David
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