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[DPRG] Help building a humanoid android

Subject: [DPRG] Help building a humanoid android
From: David Jannke david at proboticsamerica.com
Date: Sat Apr 13 10:11:36 CDT 2013

It all depends on what you want it to do. Sit still without moving? $100 
(mannikin). Add say: move head left/right, head up/down, mouth, eye 
movement, blinking, facial movements, arms move at shoulders, elbows 
bend and swivel, wrist movement, hand movement, grasping hand, 
independent fingers, weight lifting capable hand arms and torso, 
multijoint fingers, torso twisting, torso bending, leg movement (no 
walking), knee movement, foot movement, audio systems amplifiers 
speakers, wireless audio connection, recorded messages, command system, 
recorded command system, power system, batteries and chargers, self 
balance/body mounts, additional lighting and entertainment systems, 
visual sensors, acceleration sensors, contact sensors, magnetic sensors, 
sonic sensors, water sensor, barometer, radio sensors, temperature 
sensors, realistic outer body parts, interactive programming, safety 
controls and overrides, software for programming behavior development, 
internet integration programming then you're talking something a bit 
more. To provide any kind of a realistic cost you need to outline either 
the need or the capabilities a bit more.

On 4/12/2013 8:52 PM, Ebony Garner wrote:
> Dear Sachin,
> So let's see if I want you guys to build me an android like at minus the walking then how much would it cost, and could you maybe find someone who could build me one at a lower price?
>                              From, Ebony Garner
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