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[DPRG] Long range rfid reader

Subject: [DPRG] Long range rfid reader
From: Bob Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Sat Apr 13 21:34:52 CDT 2013



They do not transmit a strong enough signal for reading them at long distances.


If you use an antenna tuned to their freq that was a beam configuration, you could “here” them further away.

Likely you would have to transmit a stronger signal to energize them, and it should be directional as well else you might hear everybody in range respond.


You could set up readers around the room, that read and repeat nearby bracelets and send the info via blue tooth as to what they read, when people walk past.
If the readers sent their ID, your robot could know about where that person was.





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Subject: [DPRG] Long range rfid reader


Does anyone know of a supplier of affordable long range (6-8 ft or so) rfid reader? I am trying to find an easy way for my robot to recognize people equipped with these wristbands...




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