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[DPRG] Another Challenge - Another Robot of 3 Rovers

Subject: [DPRG] Another Challenge - Another Robot of 3 Rovers
From: steve at txtulip.com steve at txtulip.com
Date: Thu Dec 19 15:30:23 CST 2013

Oh Hey Rud, you should see my navigation unit. As you might expect Yaw is a bear but it tracks pretty well. It DOES drift about a degree every  2 minutes but if you want to do relative 45 degree or 90 degree turns, it should be pretty accurate. I'm using a proportional voltage output to make integration to a processor easier. If you establish a known heading point, you might be able to reset it for zero and compensate for the drift.

    Which brings up MY robot... affectionately named Ankle Biter... (well maybe not so affectionately)  A mecanum wheeled base. It has been down for a number of years as my robotics team had it cannibalized for parts. I have all the parts back but one of the transmissions has a problem and I haven't had tie to look into it . But any time now I'll get the bug and put it back together and finally build the arm I've promised I'd designed.





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Subject: [DPRG] Another Challenge - Another Robot of 3 Rovers

David asked about building robots. Mine      are mainly built but the software is very much a work in frustration      progress.
      You can see the project on my web site (below signature) but the      specific starting point is at http://www.mysticlakesoftware.com/introduction.      
      I entered the 2013 NASA Sample Return Robot (SRR) Centennial      Challenge and am working toward the 2014 SRR. The web site      documents to some extent my 2013 work. Right now I am writing a      good deal to aid my thinking for the 2014 SRR. Anything marked WIP      is a work in progress and subject to major revision and rewrites.      There are videos and documents listed in the material. There is a      YouTube playlist with other videos, including the live video      during the challenge taken by the rovers:      http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo9blbzvWvrG9_Mkug2W6FMsEww7IsKXv.
      There are three main action items: a lot of vision processing to      be designed and implemented, determining the location and bearing      of a rover, and another method for picking up and transporting a      sample. 
      As the SRR assumes the rovers are not on the Earth neither GPS nor      a compass can be used for positioning. 
       I have not been successful with integrating gyro and      accelerometer information for measuring bearing. I am doing some      experiments now in using vision to track in a straight line and      turn a 45 or 90 angles. The main requirement for positioning is      during the search process to assure complete coverage of the      competition area. Vision processing should suffice for the other      tasks in the SRR. 
      The biggest limitation is the size and weight of the rovers. There      is not much room to anything complex and not much capacity to      carry much more weight. I think the current lifter design is still      possible but I need a way of knowing when it is positioned      properly. All of this is discussed more on the site. 
          - 73 - 
           Rud Merriam K5RUD
            Mystic              Lake Software
      On 12/19/2013 10:06 AM, David P. Anderson wrote:

        But ain't it great to see so much activity and, dare I say,        passion, on this robots list?!   Who knows, might even inspire        someone to, I don't know, I'm going out on a limb here but, to        you know, build a robot.  Wouldn't that be something!!!
        I'm building one right now.  Anybody else?

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