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[DPRG] Coding A Blue Tooth Stack into a microcontroller

Subject: [DPRG] Coding A Blue Tooth Stack into a microcontroller
From: Jose Quinones avayanings at gmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 5 20:40:27 CST 2013

Hi Tom,

That is what I finally decided on doing. Started looking into it and a BT
stack is preposterously insane. Would like to tackle it at some point in
time, though. May make some sense for those applications requiring super
small footprint.


On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 8:14 PM, Tom Brusehaver <cozytom at gmail.com> wrote:

> Why not just get a Bluetooth shield fire like an arduino, and connect it
> to the async port on the microcontroller?
>  On Feb 5, 2013 7:34 PM, "Jose Quinones" <avayanings at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Group,
>> Has anyone of you coded a Bluetooth stack into a microcontroller? I
>> believe there are certain open source solutions out there. Can you
>> recommend one?
>> Is there a book out there that may give me the insight to code my own
>> Bluetooth stack? Thanks for your inputs!
>> JIQ
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