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[DPRG] Tactile feedback glove

Subject: [DPRG] Tactile feedback glove
From: Oguz Yetkin oyetkin at gmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 26 21:07:37 CST 2013

You guys might be interested in this:

Squeeze Virtual Reality With The YC Hardware Hackathon-Winning Cyborg Glove


This is similar to the (MUCH more expensive) CyberGrasp which I had a
chance to play with a long time ago:


(The Cybergrasp fits over the CyberGlove which has a multi degree of
freedom fiber-optic bend tracking system and a sophisticated hand-tracking
and tatile rendering API)

On the list of things I'd eventually like to build is a tactile-feedback
device (I was thinking tactile-feedback tweezers for remote
micromanipulation).  Is anyone else interested in putting together
something like this?

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