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[DPRG] Question on Table Top Copetition Table Color

Subject: [DPRG] Question on Table Top Copetition Table Color
From: Ron Grant deltagraph at aol.com
Date: Thu Feb 28 13:24:34 CST 2013

Hello Contest Officials,

Will Kuhnle, who is not well connected to the Internet,  asked about table top color -- if it was going to be light like the Rubbermaid tables in the meeting room or if dark (as in stock dark walnut finish).  I seem to recall that was left as "could be either."

I think Will is planning to use some of the paper sensors that Tanner Electronics has sold in the past (or maybe present?) that may not "see" a dark table surface. If I get a table-top robot put together I might be in the same boat with my sensors.

One solution I can see, keeping my reflective surface sensors is adding a mechanical flap to the robot, i.e. a white card on a hinge that rides along the table surface OR I suppose going with sharp IR sensors.

Ron Grant

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