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[DPRG] Question on Table Top Copetition Table Color

Subject: [DPRG] Question on Table Top Copetition Table Color
From: Ron Grant deltagraph at aol.com
Date: Thu Feb 28 18:33:47 CST 2013

 Thanks Doug.
I will relay the information to Will.

I will assume if you are going to the trouble to make a table covering surface then I assume the corners will not have a large radius on the corners.



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   To minimize the seam between the two tables, the tables will be overlaid with two pieces of plywood (or similar material) that are cut ~36"x60". The seam between the two overlay pieces will be covered with masking tape. The tape will most likely be the colored either khaki or painters blue. The overlay material will either be left natural or painted white. The tape will not be painted, but if I can find a tape similar to the color of the overlay it will be used.

   The table will not be dark walnut. 

Doug P.

On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 1:24 PM, Ron Grant <deltagraph at aol.com> wrote:

Hello Contest Officials,

Will Kuhnle, who is not well connected to the Internet,  asked about table top color -- if it was going to be light like the Rubbermaid tables in the meeting room or if dark (as in stock dark walnut finish).  I seem to recall that was left as "could be either."

I think Will is planning to use some of the paper sensors that Tanner Electronics has sold in the past (or maybe present?) that may not "see" a dark table surface. If I get a table-top robot put together I might be in the same boat with my sensors.

One solution I can see, keeping my reflective surface sensors is adding a mechanical flap to the robot, i.e. a white card on a hinge that rides along the table surface OR I suppose going with sharp IR sensors.

Ron Grant

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