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[DPRG] Navigation by bouncing off walls

Subject: [DPRG] Navigation by bouncing off walls
From: JOHN DRUMMOND jdrumm9015 at aol.com
Date: Wed Mar 6 12:56:16 CST 2013

I never knew that my attempts at robots with wheels were the vangaurd of robotics research.  I haven't built a robot yet that hasn't bounced off a wall or two.

John Drummond

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Subject: [DPRG] Flying Robot that Navigates by Bouncing Off Walls and Floors

The headline says “AirBurr MAV Navigates by Bouncing Off Walls and Floors”.
The first picture in the linked article is the following. The blue items are the aerial robots. My first thought was that they sure caused a lot of damage with the wall crashes and that I really wanted to watch the video.

After watching the video, I found that the walls were already damaged before flight and were used to provide an environment that was harder to navigate.

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