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[DPRG] DUO 3d kick starter

Subject: [DPRG] DUO 3d kick starter
From: blackstag blackstag at gmail.com
Date: Tue Mar 26 12:12:14 CDT 2013

This is being produced by a group I have worked with in one way or
another for the last 5 years. For robotics stereo vision, for a
interactive NUI development this is hard to beat. I have already put
in for one myself. I am not related to them by any means. I just know
what they can produce and have helped others produce.

DUO: The World's First DIY 3D Sensor
The DUO is the world’s first and only DIY 3D sensing solution.

The DUO comes in many forms: with open hardware plans, molded cases,
kits and fully assembled devices. All paired with an open source
Driver, SDK and examples. Resulting in a professional grade solution
for 3D sensing using stereo vision.


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