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[DPRG] [DMS] Tanners Electronics Expo 11/16/2013: Help Needed

Subject: [DPRG] [DMS] Tanners Electronics Expo 11/16/2013: Help Needed
From: paradug paradug at gmail.com
Date: Thu Nov 14 13:10:52 CST 2013

    Will do!
Doug P.

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Subject: Re: [DPRG] [DMS] Tanners Electronics Expo 11/16/2013: Help Needed

I have another event that morning, so won't make it to Tanners until
shortly after noon.

Just an advisory note that I haven't tried either the Rubik's cube
solver or the segway-style balancer in an outdoor lighting
environment, so they may have some difficulty in the parking lot.
Shade them if you can, or perhaps run the recalibration sequence
on the Rubik's cube solver.

See you all Saturday!


On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 08:58:48PM -0600, paradug wrote:
> Eric,
>     I will be at the space at about 9:15 – 9:30 AM Saturday to help load. 
> I can also help upload.  I plan to bring some of my robots to the event. I 
> also have 2 Lego robots that Patrick lent me for a school demo that he 
> said I could bring to the event. One is a balancing robot and the other is 
> a Rubik cube solving robot (really fun to watch).
>    It is my understanding that some folks are bringing Sumo robots for a 
> friendly competition. Anyone who has a Sumo should bring it!
> Regards,
> Doug P.
> From: Eric Chaney
> Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 11:25 AM
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> Cc: dms at dallasmakerspace.org
> Subject: [DMS] Tanners Electronics Expo 11/16/2013: Help Needed
> Reminder: Tanners Electronics Expo
> Where:1100 Valwood Parkway, Suite #100, Carrollton, TX
> When: Saturday, November 16, 2013
>       10:30 AM to 2:00 PM
> We are going to meet at the makerspace at 9:30AM on Saturday to load up 
> equipment.
> * We need extention cordes.
> * We are going to have a mini sumo contest, Does anyone know where the 
> round sumo ring is at?
> * Bring your Sumo Robots
> * We need a truck to help move the Red Bull Vending Machine
> * We need to get a count of who is bringing something to show.
> * We need Shade. If you have a canopy to bring please let us know.
> * Bring your Robots and Your Maker projects.
> Please respond here or at eric at dallasmakerspace.org
> Be sure and sign up at
> http://www.meetup.com/dallasmakerspace/events/147227572/?a=ra1_vl&_af_eid=147227572&_af=event
> I will be at the makerspace on Thursday if you need to coordinate or drop 
> off supplies.
> -------------------------------------------------
> Tanners has invited DPRG and DMS to their Fall show. Last year, it was a 
> great success and brought us a lot of attention. We were represented by 
> the Blacksmiths, Romeo's air show, Dave Janke's robotics, 3d printers, and 
> more Demonstrators won prizes, and prizes will again be awarded.
> Doors open at 10am for setup & the show runs from 10:30am - 2pm.
> Come out and support DPRG and DMS & one of our favorite vendors with your 
> toys, tools, skills, gizmos, products, and patronage.
> Thank You
> Eric Chaney
> if you any issues please call at 817-789-4613
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