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[DPRG] Video of Mini Maker Faire at Tyler including Introduction of Big Robie, 7 foot tall, club logo robot.

Subject: [DPRG] Video of Mini Maker Faire at Tyler including Introduction of Big Robie, 7 foot tall, club logo robot.
From: vincent lopresti spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com
Date: Tue Apr 1 11:05:56 CDT 2014

c'mon guys! really? you're naming him Robby the robot? there already is a very famous robot star with that name. you guys need to expand your creative abilities into the naming department. there are millions of names and you pick the most used most common most obvious name of all robots ever...   Robby. how about Tobor? [robot spelt backwards] hell, he doesn't even look like a Robby in the 1st place. i think we should give him a new and well deserved original name. we can vote on it tonight. 
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On Tuesday, April 1, 2014 10:54 AM, Ron Grant <deltagraph at aol.com> wrote:
For those who are interested in seeing Mini Maker Faire video including introduction of Big Robie, the 7 foot tall club logo robot, here is the link to DPRGclips youtube video    http://youtu.be/VjhLMYhk2P0
I did my best to edit the content down a bit so you don't have to suffer though too much video.  Still 16 minutes..
Leave some comments.  People need to feel appreciated or disliked or whatever. Ha!
(Also, comment if there are some inaccurate captions...)

Some of the content:

* DPRG Big Robie's Premiere 
* John Kuhlenschmidt shows off 3D scanner and also had his demo present of  Johnny Lee's Wii remote head   tracking 3D graphics system. 
* Jason Henriksen's demo of new CMU Cam  - 50 Frames per second blob tracker controlling camera pan and tilt
* 3D Printers including Poly Printer large format printer.
* Hans Nelson shows off Magnetic Ball Joint (super cool)  and his large delta printer in production.
* The Cow Goddess and her art car.
* Mini quadricopter demo
* special bonus, if you watch to the end - Goliath

Sorry about some of the excessive camera motion.  Some of the better video is probably Doug's.
I find it difficult to run a camera and talk to people at the same time.
Well, that is my excuse anyway.

Also, I know I missed out on interviewing several members.

Ron Grant

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