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[DPRG] CNC controls and Windows XP

Subject: [DPRG] CNC controls and Windows XP
From: ed at okerson.com ed at okerson.com
Date: Fri Apr 11 14:23:44 CDT 2014

Well, my CNC is a mere toy, however....  I have been contemplating using a
Raspberry Pi to handle the network connection.  I have already put in an
AVR processor some time ago to handle the g-code to step and direction
signals that control the stepper drivers.  I haven't decided if I should
port the G-code interpreter to run native on the RPi, or leave it on the

I have since acquired a real milling machine, and have been toying with
the idea of converting it to CNC.  I know that at a minimum I want to add
a DRO to it.

Ed Okerson

> CNC guys,
> Many of our controls run on Windows XP and as I'm sure you all know
> Microsoft is not going to support it anymore. What do you plan to do
> your machine, if anything? I would like to be able to have mine
> to the network for ease of file transfer but of course can't afford to
> have
> any hiccups.
> I've considered the option of using a newer Dell from Discount
> (currently using an oooold dell from there) and buy a Smooth Stepper to
> interface without the parallel port. Obviously, it's more ideal to not
> have
> to spend any money.
> Thoughts?
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