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[DPRG] CNC controls and Windows XP

Subject: [DPRG] CNC controls and Windows XP
From: Rick Bickle rbickle at intconsys.com
Date: Fri Apr 11 16:13:07 CDT 2014



I have half a dozen CNC machines running on older Dell Optiplex computers
with XP. Those machines are dedicated to the CNC machine and don't access
the internet at all.

For Mach3, you really don't want to have anything else installed like a
virus scanner, which can interfere with mach3's timing engine.


Set yourself up a separate CAD/CAM etc. machine with a newer OS and use that
to surf the internet.





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Subject: [DPRG] CNC controls and Windows XP


CNC guys,


Many of our controls run on Windows XP and as I'm sure you all know
Microsoft is not going to support it anymore. What do you plan to do with
your machine, if anything? I would like to be able to have mine connected to
the network for ease of file transfer but of course can't afford to have any


I've considered the option of using a newer Dell from Discount Electronics
(currently using an oooold dell from there) and buy a Smooth Stepper to
interface without the parallel port. Obviously, it's more ideal to not have
to spend any money. 





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