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[DPRG] CanCan Course at Mke's Hobby

Subject: [DPRG] CanCan Course at Mke's Hobby
From: David P. Anderson davida at smu.edu
Date: Wed Apr 16 07:12:14 CDT 2014

Mike's Hobby has graciously offered to let the DPRG leave the CanCan 
soccer course set up for practice and testing of robots between now and 
the competition at the Perot Museum in May.

The course is now set up in the main racing space back by the 
rock-crawler course.   There are nearby work benches and Mike has also 
set up a couple of tables next to the course for laptops or whatever you 
may need to work on your robot.

We can have access any time the store is open, on weekends, and on 
Monday evenings until midnight.

Mike's is on the access road of I-35 near Beltline on the west side of 
the highway.


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