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[DPRG] Motor moving to sound

Subject: [DPRG] Motor moving to sound
From: Ron Grant deltagraph at aol.com
Date: Tue Apr 29 12:06:33 CDT 2014


Teddy, uses serialized servo pulses to drive his eyes and mouth and also to drive Grubby, a big yellow worm companion character, that plugged into teddy. I built a gizmo in 1988 to allow recording my own teddy tapes by synthesizing the servo pulses (3 channels, eyelids, mouth-upper mouth-lower). I used a hybrid of analog and digital electronics, but now much easier to use a microcontroller to synthesize the waveforms. If you don't want to modify teddy you can use one of those cassette adapters that were used to connect earphone of a device, e.g. CD player, to the cassette player. If I am not mistaken, teddy used timing close or identical to servo timing used in hobby servos. That, is he used something like a buddy box signal synthesized by hobby RC transmitters.

I had lot of fun getting teddy to say some pretty adult R-Rated wild stuff. I am sure I would have been sued by Worlds of Wonder, had you tube existed 25 years ago and I had published some of that stuff.

I found some video, so will post that to you tube in a bit along with a description of my teddy signal synthesizer.





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Subject: [DPRG] Motor moving to sound

HI all,

Has anybody had any success repurposing a Teddy Ruxpin or Furby to get the circuits for the mouth/motor and sound/voice synchronization?

I originally thought it was a simple proposition, but research has shown me it may not be as easy to achieve as it seemed. 

But maybe synchronization is overkill. I'm just looking to find a circuit that will run a motor along with the sound output. (And hopefully isolate any RF/EMI buzz/humming) 
Any direction anyone can point me in to start?

aka The Other David 

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