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[DPRG] XV Lidar Controller

Subject: [DPRG] XV Lidar Controller
From: James LeRoy james at getsurreal.com
Date: Fri Aug 15 18:31:23 CDT 2014

Hey guys,

My XV Lidar Controller is working pretty well for me and a couple of 
people have asked if I have any extra so I thought I'd put it out to the 
group and see how many people are interested in one for $25.  My cost 
(includes rolling in shipping) is around $23 and some change. Let me 
know if you're interested.

I've added a few software features to it.  You can send serial commands 
to control the Lidar and modify the settings without having to re-flash 
it.  The code is available on GitHub 
<https://github.com/getSurreal/XV_Lidar_Controller> and any 
contributions are welcomed.

Here's the list of commands available

  * Help
  * GetConfig
  * SaveConfig
  * ResetConfig
  * MotorOff
  * MotorOn
  * RelayOff
  * RelayOn
  * SetRPM
  * SetKp
  * SetKi
  * SetKd
  * ShowRPM
  * HideRPM

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