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[DPRG] DPRGlist Digest, Vol 123, Issue 9

Subject: [DPRG] DPRGlist Digest, Vol 123, Issue 9
From: Lance Rose robolance at gmail.com
Date: Mon Aug 18 16:08:58 CDT 2014

> The rules say the robot is limited to 4' by 4' by 4'. Does that
> mean the robot has to fit in a four foot cube, or does it further
> constrain to say the robot is no more than four feet high from
> the ground? May I stand the robot on one of its verticies?
> If a cube is stood on a vertex, there's about seven feet
> separation between level-to-ground verticies. That would be great
> for sonar. Keeping it a cube flat on the ground limits that
> separation to about 5.5 feet.

Can you expand on what you mean by this? I think I am missing something.
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