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[DPRG] fall contest size limit

Subject: [DPRG] fall contest size limit
From: John Swindle swindle at compuserve.com
Date: Wed Aug 20 14:43:08 CDT 2014

Thanks for the clarification, Richard. You wrote, "...but I would 
love to see what sort of robot could move 100 yards balanced on a 
single point or edge of a 4 ft cube!" Yes, that would be a neat 
sight! Like a Disney elephant balancing on one toe.

It makes sense that the rules mean height with respect to the 
ground, and not just any virtual cube. I'm happy.

You asked what I had intended: Since the cube is virtual, I was 
thinking of allowing one of its virtual verticies to be below 
ground. The max distance between verticies is almost seven feet, 
and that's attractive when trying to do multilaterization to 
localize a tree that is 300 feet away. (I think those are called 
space verticies or body verticies or some such, the ones that are 
across the interior of the cube from one another; that is, both 
are not on the same face.) But 5.5 feet is working fine in my 
simulations. (That's the max separation of the face verticies.)

It wasn't about getting something high up above the robot, like 
the sensor stalk. It was about getting something widely separated 

You also wrote, "Unfortunately this is one literal box you are 
not allowed to 'think out of' with the current rules." I have New 
Yorker cartoon over my desk with an owner admonishing his cat to 
"Never, ever think outside the box."

Thanks for writing.

John Swindle

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