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[DPRG] Sizing motors

Subject: [DPRG] Sizing motors
From: cflagg79 cflagg79 at hotmail.com
Date: Thu Aug 21 17:15:58 CDT 2014

Does anyone have a good reference for visualizing/conceptualizing speed and force?  ie: I found a motor that can produce 6300 oz-in of torque for my gripper.  That sounds like a lot, but is it what will it be able to grip without slippage? Or crush for that matter.  Also trying to find a motor for the shoulder joint.  This would have to be relatively low rpm but how low?  I want it to lift payload quickly but not jerky nor too slow.   Is there an online visual of what ie 2 rpm would look like. Or a practical comparisob chart of what force can break/move?  If not, I guess I am forced to make costly mock ups with equally costly measurement.  Comments/recommendations?


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