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Subject: [DPRG] Sizing motors
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Date: Thu Aug 21 19:58:08 CDT 2014

   The answer is yes... you will have to mock up something but it doesn't have to be ex[pensive and you can make educated guesses. If you are lucky, you can probably get information from something like the Baxter robot, and the Baxter community and robot specs can give you an idea of how much torque it requires to make it's motions if you see it do something you like. There are many videos showing it do some motions and that might be a good place to look. Google Baxter robot.





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Subject: [DPRG] Sizing motors

Does anyone have a good reference for visualizing/conceptualizing speed and force?  ie: I found a motor that can produce 6300 oz-in of torque for my gripper.  That sounds like a lot, but is it what will it be able to grip without slippage? Or crush for that matter.  Also trying to find a motor for the shoulder joint.  This would have to be relatively low rpm but how low?  I want it to lift payload quickly but not jerky nor too slow.   Is there an online visual of what ie 2 rpm would look like. Or a practical comparisob chart of what force can break/move?  If not, I guess I am forced to make costly mock ups with equally costly measurement.  Comments/recommendations?


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