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Subject: [DPRG] ServoCity Contest
From: TWCarroll at aol.com TWCarroll at aol.com
Date: Tue Aug 26 16:47:16 CDT 2014

Hi All,
     I just got some information from ServoCity /  Actobotics about a new 
contest that they are having. Go to the actual page  for the information 
copied below.  They are awarding $1000 worth of  ServoCity parts for the winner 
who submits a YouTube video of their  self-balancing robot. Everyone who 
submits a video of their robot will  receive $50 worth of Actobotics parts.  
So, if your robot takes  $50 worth of mechanical parts, you can build the 
mechanical part for free.   Electronics can be purchased at SparkFun, Pololu or 
     Go to their site for information. 
     Tom C. 
Here are the details: 
ServoCity is awarding a $1,000.00 worth of Actobotics  parts to the winner 
of this  contest.  Each entrant will receive $50.00 worth of Actobotics 
parts for  submitting a working robot video. Read below for the official entry 
rules and  deadlines. 
- Build a simple and  sleek 2 wheel balancing robot.

We will judge the  entries based on the following criteria, in this order:
1)  Performance. How well does the robot balance - does it wobble every 
where or is  it smooth and steady?
2) Simplicity. Are there wires going every which way -  or is it clean 
looking and easy to replicate?
3) Cost Effectiveness. Would it  take $20 or $200 for someone to replicate 
your robot? 

- ALL mechanical components must be  purchased from ServoCity. 
- You must mount a smart phone to the top of the  robot.
- You must include at least (1) _24” Aluminum Channel_ 
(http://www.servocity.com/html/24__aluminum_channel__585466_.html)  piece in your design  OR (1) 
_24” Aluminum Tube_ 
(http://www.servocity.com/html/1__hollow_aluminum_tubing.html) . 
- When incorporated into  the design, the 24” channel or tubing should be 
- The robot can  only have 2 wheels. Here are the accepted wheel types:
Precision Disk Wheels: 
Heavy Duty & Low Friction Wheels: 
- You can use any  electronics you choose as long as they are purchased 
from _SparkFun_ (http://www.sparkfun.com/) , _littleBits_ 
(http://www.littlebits.com/) , or _Pololu_ (http://www.pololu.com/) .
- Motors must be purchased from ServoCity: 
- The robot can be radio  controlled or autonomous.
- The robot can be powered however you  choose.

1) Take a video of your finished robot  in action.
2) Post your video to YouTube and include a complete list of the  parts 
used (all mechanical parts and electronics). 
3) Send an email to _marketing at servocity.com_ 
(mailto:marketing at servocity.com)  with your name and a  hyperlink to your YouTube video. If your design 
required programming, please  include the programming code in the e-mail as 

Once we have received  your entry, we will review it for completeness. 
If you have followed the above guidelines, we will send you $50.00  worth 
of Actobotics just for submitting a video of a working  robot!

- Entries must be submitted by  5:00PM Central time October 13th, 2014. 
Our team  will announce the winner on October 20,  2014.
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