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[DPRG] Neato, Roomba, Mint comments

Subject: [DPRG] Neato, Roomba, Mint comments
From: Rick Bickle rbickle at intconsys.com
Date: Mon Dec 22 10:25:01 CST 2014



I have been interested in those neato lidar units, but have been waiting for
someone to make an interface to I don't have to reinvent the wheel. The only
interfaces I've seen so far are PC software or USB based. I'm looking for
something serial that I can talk to on the robot. Can you give me some more
info on the Arduino based board?



Rick Bickle



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   Several us are experimenting with Neato LiDAR units. In fact, James LeRoy
(DPRG member) is selling a Arduino based controller. Also, you missed
something in your analysis that is important. The inefficiency of the
Roomba's movement algorithm means that it wastes most of its battery life. I
linked a very interesting lecture by a Neato Designer/Engineer that you
might want to see. It is at 

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Doug P.




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