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[DPRG] DPRG Elections.. Please read

Subject: [DPRG] DPRG Elections.. Please read
From: blackstag blackstag at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jan 2 09:08:26 CST 2014

DPRG members - there are 39 of you paid up at this time. According to DPRG
bylaws, we have to hold an election for officers for 2014 at the January
meeting on the 11th and we have to make a 30% quorum (12 members voting in
person or by proxy).  I have to ask as many of you as possible to vote by
using the procedure below, so that we can elect officers.

The nominees for officer positions for 2014 are all running unopposed. The
nominees are:
President: Doug Paradis
Vice President: Eric Chaney
Secretary: Richard Neveau
Treasurer: Gus Reiter
Librarian: Jon Kuhlenschmidt

Please vote by proxy by forwarding this email to:

dprgvote at gmail.com

with YOUR NAME and the word FOR or AGAINST in front of the message to
indicate whether you want your proxy vote cast for or against the slate of

You can give more complicated instructions to the proxy too, if you want. We
will appoint an impartial ballot counter to check membership, count proxy
authorizations and cast the proxy votes.

Your proxy authorization is only for the election of officers and will
expire after the vote is taken or after the January 2014 meeting, whichever
is earlier.

Again - if we don't make quorum we can't have an election, so please do the
right thing and cast your vote by proxy if you aren't going to be there
promptly at noon Saturday. Forward this email to dprgvote at gmail.com with
YOUR NAME and FOR or AGAINST in front of it. If you don't have an opinion,
I'd ask that you vote FOR so we can make quorum and avoid problems.

Thanks in advance for your support

Jason Henriksen
DPRG President

PS. If I butchered any of the officers that are running names let me know.
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