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Subject: [DPRG] Hero 1
From: ed at okerson.com ed at okerson.com
Date: Sun Jan 5 19:47:22 CST 2014

Thanks Tom,

OK, On closer inspection (opening the chassis) I found the wiring harness
is intact.  I thought these were wired on the outside of the chassis.

The shoulder looks to be fine, it is just the wrist that is broken.  Looks
like it was a cheap plastic part that wouldn't take much to break.  Maybe
I will fabricate one out of something stronger.  Any ideas where I could
get drawings for what the part looked like before breaking?

The batteries are not there, nor did it come with a charger (or training
pendant).  I figured some off the shelf lead acid batteries would fit.  I
have read where people replaced the 4 6V batteries with 2 12V ones to
lower the center of gravity as well.  I don't know which battery leads go
to positive or negative, so won't plug in anything just yet.

As for the standard robot libraries, have you looked at ROS (Robot
Operating System)?

Ed Okerson

> As a former owner of a Hero 1, this one sounds like it
> isn't worth restoring. The wrist is repairable, the shoulder
> is the tough one, you only get two tries there, and you
> have to buy plastic, or build something.
> The trouble with the stock electronics is the lack of
> non-volatile storage. Sure there are serial interfaces
> available, and they work, allowing you to program them
> from a laptop or something, but in the end, you don't
> have a real good development environment.
> It would be good if someone built a "standard" robot
> library similar to the hero libraries. Right now, I think
> the RasPi is the best value for a robot brain.
> If it still has the Gel Cells, get rid of them. There are
> some three cell lead acid batteries that will almost
> drop in for them. Same charger will work.
> Ebay has many of the needed parts for a restore, but
> it'll be very expensive. Otherwise robotswanted.com
> has the remaining inventory of parts from heathkit.
> On Sun, Jan 5, 2014 at 6:36 PM, <ed at okerson.com> wrote:
>> I picked up an old Heathkit Hero 1 today.  Trying to figure out what to
>> do
>> with it now.  It is in rather sad shape, missing all the side panels,
>> and
>> the entire wiring harness.  Looks like all the drive motors are there,
>> arm
>> is there, but the motors are hanging off the end, looks like the wrist
>> mechanism is broken.  Is it worth trying to restore, or should I do a
>> complete electronics transplant to more modern stuff, Raspberry Pi,
>> Arduino?
>> Ed Okerson
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