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[DPRG] Hero 1

Subject: [DPRG] Hero 1
From: ed at okerson.com ed at okerson.com
Date: Mon Jan 6 12:01:32 CST 2014

Here is a hybrid approach someone else tried:


I might try to do an Android based controller rather than OpenWrt.  I have
several Samsung Galaxy S2's left over from the recent family phone
upgrade.  One of those would be nice, then it could even run Skype!

> Ed,
> Transplant.  Could be very cool.
> I just returned from the MicroCenter where it turns out they now have a
> robotics section, and came home with a BeagleBone Black ($49.)
> complete with Linux.   Also bought a spare PING))) sensor.  Bricks and
> mortar at it's best.
> Haven't done anything with it yet but hooked up a USB cable, connected
> to it's httpd server and browsed thru the onboard documentation.   Not
> sure what I'm going to do with it, but you might take a look.
> dpa
> On 01/05/2014 06:36 PM, ed at okerson.com wrote:
>> I picked up an old Heathkit Hero 1 today.  Trying to figure out what to
>> do
>> with it now.  It is in rather sad shape, missing all the side panels,
>> and
>> the entire wiring harness.  Looks like all the drive motors are there,
>> arm
>> is there, but the motors are hanging off the end, looks like the wrist
>> mechanism is broken.  Is it worth trying to restore, or should I do a
>> complete electronics transplant to more modern stuff, Raspberry Pi,
>> Arduino?
>> Ed Okerson
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