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[DPRG] Introducing Myself

Subject: [DPRG] Introducing Myself
From: paradug paradug at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jan 9 16:59:49 CST 2014


    I missed last week's RBNO, but hope to meet you this next Tuesday.  Did 
you bring your robot platform to RBNO?

DPRG has a meeting this Saturday at noon. The agenda  is the annual officer 
election. There will be a discussion on projects and directions for the new 
year. Please put it on your schedule.

On a different note,  I have also recently built a 3d printer (original 
Printrbot with end stop mods) and have been having a lot of fun with it. My 
model generation tool path is still weak,  but I am making progress on an 
acceptable solution.

Doug P.

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From: James LeRoy
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Subject: [DPRG] Introducing Myself

Hey Everyone,

I went to my first meeting this past Tuesday and had some great
conversations. I just completed my membership registration and I'm
excited to be a part of the group so I thought I'd send out an
introduction.  I've never actually been able to talk with anyone else
interested in robotics, only a few back and forth forum posts here and
there so forgive me if I start out talking your ears off.

Here's a little bit about my background.

I just barely got started with robotics/electronics in June of 2012 with
a purchase of an Arduino starter kit with some additional miscellaneous
sensors and motors.  I then quickly purchased an introduction to
electronics book to try and get a better understanding.  I built my
first little robot using hand cut acrylic to wonder around using sonar
and infrared to avoid objects.  Next I unsuccessfully tried to create a
balancing robot and have given up on that one for now.  I found myself
frustrated with my inability to find brackets and parts for how I wanted
to build my robots so I got myself a 3D printer (Printrbot Plus v2) so I
could design my own parts.  I was likewise disappointed in my hand
cutting skills with acrylic so I started building a DIY CNC (ShapeOko).
The original ShapeOko cutting area wasn't working for me, so I spent
some time expanding that into 17x15 in. (should have gone with at least
24x24 in.).  After all that, I was able to create a robot platform that
I wanted.  Unfortunately I may have created a platform that is beyond my
skills to program in any reasonable amount of time so I may have to take
a few steps back to fill in some gaps I have with robotics.

My day job is a systems administrator, primarily focused on VMware and
Windows Server with a little bit of Linux.

James LeRoy (getSurreal)
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