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[DPRG] FAA and Commercial Drones

Subject: [DPRG] FAA and Commercial Drones
From: Rud Merriam k5rud at arrl.net
Date: Sat Jan 11 17:05:47 CST 2014

Texas and other governments may find that the FAA preempts there laws as 
the airspace comes under federal jurisdiction. The FCC has stepped in at 
various time on ham radio restrictions that it declared were 
unenforceable. Just speculating...

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On 1/11/2014 4:50 PM, Tom Brusehaver wrote:
> The hope is the FAA can put the rules together. Texas passed a law
> that became effective in September:
> /"A person commits an offense if the person uses or authorizes the use 
> of an unmanned vehicle or aircraft to capture an image without the 
> express consent of the person who owns or lawfully occupies the real 
> property captured in the image,"/
> http://rt.com/usa/texas-drones-new-rules-876/
> If the FAA doesn't put a good set of rules in place,  every city, county
> and state will have different rules, and no one will know what is legal
> or not. (Colorado wanted to issue hunting licenses)
> So no, you may not fly your camera equipped aircraft down your
> street, when there are people around. At least not in Texas.

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