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[DPRG] Big Robot Project

Subject: [DPRG] Big Robot Project
From: Rud Merriam k5rud at arrl.net
Date: Mon Jan 13 11:53:00 CST 2014

ServoCity has a number of pan & tilt mechanisms. They may be more 
expensive. They may also be more easily controlled and powered.

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*Rud Merriam K5RUD
* /Mystic Lake Software <http://mysticlakesoftware.com/>

On 1/13/2014 9:32 AM, paradug wrote:
> I just saw this pan and tilt mechanism on sale at MCM. Is this a good deal
> or does anyone know of a better one?  Specs: max load: 22 lbs, price: $30 +
> shipping. I was thinking of using this as the neck joint for the big robot
> project.
> mcmelectronics.com/product/82-12435?scode=DD1413&trk_msg=H92V3S46BGMKF49ASP3M1L55J0&trk_contact=L411P31HIB5NEB15VE6S9RGUKK&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=82-12435&utm_campaign=DD1413&utm_content=DD1413
> Ron,
>      What size pipe did you bring to the meeting on Saturday? I remember 2
> sizes but thought that a specific size would scale properly to a 6 foot
> robot.
> Regards,
> Doug P.
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