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[DPRG] Big Robot Project

Subject: [DPRG] Big Robot Project
From: Ron Grant deltagraph at aol.com
Date: Mon Jan 13 19:58:32 CST 2014


I have one of the pan and tilt adapters (hobby servo driven) from Servo City (as Rudd mentioned).
It is the DDT500 rated at 2 lbs. Something like that might work if the head is kept very light.  

If you want to keep proportions near the model I demoed then the head would be  a 10x10x10 (inch) cube.  8"x8" panels with 1" radius on all corners.

I am playing with printing some corners to be used with some of that light weight sign corregated plastic - at the moment 1/2 scale (1/2" corner radius). Nothing real fancy. Looks like quarter round with little tabs that the panels can be glued to. If it is to your liking then could print a dozen 5" x 1" radius corner strips and 6 quarter sphere corners where 2 strips would be butted together per edge.  Weight of 5"x 1/2" radius corner is 8 grams -- so maybe 12 grams per 5" x 1" -- maybe lighter if simpler design is created.   My thought -- the head would be a main focus of attention, so would be nice if it looked particularly good.

The torso is another story. I am not so full of good ideas since the weight of the arms is unknown. Maybe weight is not so critical for the torso. I suppose strength will be important  - lightweight skin, but I assume some kind of frame.

I guess your choice of pan tilt starts to answer questions about torso.

Maybe there would be shortcuts on producing rounded corners on torso if going with something like sign material or corregated polycarb (polygal, twinwall, coreplast.. ?)

Corregated sign material weighs 64 grams / sqft.  
2.2 sq ft would cover 5 sides + something stronger for head base plate maybe ? or maybe light weight frame.




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Could you pass the location and hours of the EDS surplus store? It might be worth making a run.
Doug P.


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Interesting, I am trying to do the same thing.  I hope to use arduino to implement facial tracking.  I found an older Telemetrics unit at EDS for $10 that has hefty motors with pot feed back.  The control actually used +/-10vdc analog signals for each axis on those older units - pretty easy to hack. Unfortunately EDS is a crap shoot for finding the same thing twice. When I was last at their Arlington location, they had 1 or 2 more of a side mount type for $10.

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paradug <paradug at gmail.com> wrote:

I just saw this pan and tilt mechanism on sale at MCM. Is this a good deal 
or does anyone know of a better one?  Specs: max load: 22 lbs, price: $30 + 
shipping. I was thinking of using this as the neck joint for the big robot 

    What size pipe did you bring to the meeting on Saturday? I remember 2 
sizes but thought that a specific size would scale properly to a 6 foot 

Doug P.

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