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[DPRG] april meeting

Subject: [DPRG] april meeting
From: paradug paradug at gmail.com
Date: Thu Mar 27 17:36:13 CDT 2014

     The April meeting will have a show and tell session. Jason has a very 
interesting Laser distance sensor and the new Pixy (New version of CM cam) 
to show. Big Robie will be assembled and demoed for those who missed the 
Tyler mini-Maker Faire. Other members are also encouraged to share their 
projects. Afterwards, the Roborama courses will be setup for practice.

Doug P.

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<crickets/>  I suspect that those who would normally answer your question 
are kind of focused on standing up Big Robbie for this weekend.

I second the motion.  The line following course tiles are at the DMS (they 
were out at RBNO this Tuesday), and I'm guessing the soccer field is there 
too...?  I hope it's not stacked way up where the tabletop field is.
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