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[DPRG] can can clarifications

Subject: [DPRG] can can clarifications
From: Karim Virani karim at bigthought.org
Date: Thu May 1 14:17:29 CDT 2014

Doug, I'd like to request some clarifications about can can:

The rules say can placement is up to the referee.  Does that mean it can change for every round and won't be consistent for all competitors?  Or will it be laid out and made consistent between runs?  If so, how will the intended positions of the cans be marked?  Will there be an attempt to make the pattern symmetrical over the half line? This is about fairness and accidental bias in the placement of cans.

There is no language about assignment of goal ownership or switching goals at some kind of halftime or between rounds.  In real soccer this is an attempt to balance the effect of the sun and the weather.  At the Perot, this is a bank of windows that could adversely affect competitors that are reliant on optical sensors of various kinds.  I don't have a good suggestion for how to address this without over complicating the rules - maybe somebody else has an idea or two.  I wanted to at least acknowledge the highly asymmetric lighting of the space which you can see in the photo in the rules, but really need to be there to appreciate.  Last year the long access of the course was set up parallel to the windows and this at least equalizes the field somewhat.

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