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[DPRG] More jBot cone progress

Subject: [DPRG] More jBot cone progress
From: Michael dprg.ms at sprg.net
Date: Mon Oct 6 14:34:35 CDT 2014


Thank you so much for the documentation and sharing, as usual!  During a
competition do you think it would be good to reset the robot internal
odometry position to the theoretical position of the cone upon successful
touch, or do you trust the jBot odometry more than the theoretical position
of the cone?


On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 1:26 AM, David Anderson <davida at smu.edu> wrote:

>  Thanks Steve,
> Camera looks straight ahead.  I tried scanning left and right but found it
> was just as likely as not to look away at an inopportune time, didn't
> really help.  Looking outward from the spiral might be an improvement ---
> I'll try that.
> The robot spirals outward until the radius exceeds about 30 feet.  Then it
> navigates back to the way point and starts the spiral again, but this time
> counter-clockwise.  If the second scan exceeds 30 feet, it gives up and
> marks the cone as found.  For the last waypoint in the list, it just
> repeats that pattern forever, clock-wise and counter-clockwise, with larger
> and larger maximum radii.
> In the direct sun the camera seems to be able to see the cone at about 15
> feet, in the shade about half that.
> jBot says he won't go back to NASA.  No cones (and, as Rud observes, no
> magnetic north!) on the moon, and Mars is RED in every direction...
> dpa
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