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[DPRG] Hobby ROS

Subject: [DPRG] Hobby ROS
From: Rud Merriam rudmerriam at gmail.com
Date: Mon Feb 2 12:59:48 CST 2015

I have looked at ROS a couple times and find it impenetrable without 
putting some serious effort into it. Generally a hobbyist is not going 
to make the effort. This is exacerbated by the hobby tending to use low 
power processors. You need to get into Raspberry Pi or more that 
supports Linux to really use ROS.

- 73 -
*Rud Merriam K5RUD
* /Mystic Lake Software <http://mysticlakesoftware.com/>

On 02/02/2015 09:44 AM, David Anderson wrote:
> Cool.
> <rant>
> In all my other hobbies, except robotics, when someone has a new 
> innovation, they show their craft (heli, sailboat, whatever) doing 
> something really cool, and then explain the technology that makes it 
> possible.   That's why I might be interested in the technology, 
> because it allows the platform to do something interesting that can't 
> be done any other way.
> But that is never the case with hobby robotics.  Instead, the 
> technology is demonstrated as if it is an end in itself, with the hope 
> that someone will eventually do something cool with it.  Just once, 
> I'd like to go to a link like that posted below by Doug, and see a 
> video of a robot DOING SOMETHING interesting, followed by a 
> description of the technology required to do that interesting thing.
> (As an aside, this same thing seems to apply in spades to all the 
> hobbiest ROS robots I've come across.  Surely there are some HOBBY 
> robots running ROS somewhere out there DOING SOMETHING interesting 
> that makes all the pain of getting ROS to work worthwhile.   If so 
> they seem to be keeping pretty quiet about it.   Where are all the 
> videos?)
> </rant>
> OK, I'm done, move along, nothing to see here...
> dpa

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