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[DPRG] Raspberry Pi 2 at Newark element14 for $35 plus shipping

Subject: [DPRG] Raspberry Pi 2 at Newark element14 for $35 plus shipping
From: David Ackley dackley at verizon.net
Date: Thu Feb 5 20:14:45 CST 2015

Newark element14 has the Raspberry Pi 2 for $35 plus shipping.




I’ve ordered one from them. Unfortunately they don’t appear to have them in stock at the moment, but they’ve given me an expected ship date of 2/24/15.




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The new Pi looks pretty powerful yet still very low cost at  $39.99.


The Raspberry Pi 2 is the latest evolution of the popular Raspberry Pi single board computer. While it may look just the the Raspberry Pi B+, the Raspberry Pi 2 features a new quad-core ARM7 based Broadcom CPU running at 900MHz and 1GB of RAM. These specs give the new Pi 2 around 6x the performance of previous versions. 


Besides the processor and RAM upgrades, the Raspberry Pi 2 still retains the same layout, connections, and power requirements of the B+. 40 GPIO pins, 4 USB ports, 10/100 Ethernet port, and a MicroSD slot. The video card also remains the same. 


In addition to the operating systems available on the NOOBs image (make sure you get a new image, previous versions will not work), the Raspberry Pi Foundation has been working closely with Microsoft to bring Windows 10 to the new Pi in upcoming months.


The board was developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of bringing low-cost, easy to program computers to developing countries and children. 


You'll need to supply your own USB keyboard, mouse, display, HDMI cable, USB A to Micro cable, 2.0A 5V USB power supply. 

*Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Board Specifications: 

*  Processor: Quad-core ARMv7 900Mhz CPU 

*  USB: Four USB 2.0 Ports 

*  Ethernet: 10/100 Ethernet Port 

*  Video Output: HDMI and Composite 

*  Sound: L/R Stereo 

*  Memory: 1GB RAM 

*  Operating System: Uses microSD card slot to load O/S 

*  Digital interfaces: 2 onboard ribbon slots for Camera and Display 

*  GPIO: 40 GPIO pins, backwards compatible to B board 
Supported Operating Systems 

*  Raspian 

*  Arch 

*  Pidora 

*  RiscOS 

*  OpenElec 

*  Rasbmc 
In the Box: 

*  Raspberry Pi 2 Model B V1.1 Board 

*  Quick Start Guide / Instruction Manual 

The Raspberry Pi 2 features an updated quad-core BCM2836 processor and 1GB of RAM giving it roughly 6X the power of previous versions of the Pi while retaining the layout and connections of the B+. Features include:

*  40 GPIO Pins. 

*  4 USB 2.0 ports. 

*  Micro SD. 

*  Lower power consumption. 

*  Audio / Composite outputs via 3.5mm Jack. 

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