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[DPRG] Beagle Bone Black PRU

Subject: [DPRG] Beagle Bone Black PRU
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From: Dick Swan 
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Subject: [DPRG] Beagle Bone Black PRU

I spent a little while online skimming the PRU technology used in the BeagleBone Black. Here’s my notes.


·         The two PRUs are 32-bit RISC CPUs. I didn’t look at the instruction set in detail but it is not ARM. Each PRU has internal memory for 1000 instructions that are each 32-bit in size. I think they each have 4K of RAM.

·         The C/C++ compiler is GCC. It was developed and is now maintained by the Open Source community and was not developed by TI. While it’s called a C++ compiler I would guess the 1K limit on instructions must prevent support for all the C++ features – for example 

·         Given the limited program memory on a PRU, there is only partial support for the standard C libraries.

·         I saw one reference that the compiler was a subset of C. But I scanned the documentation and it looked pretty complete except for the library limitations. It supports char, short, long and float variables. I don’t think the “new” and “delete” functions are supported.

·         For the APM autonomous vehicle software one PRU handles generating outgoing servo pulses for 8 (16?) servos. I think the assignment is reconfigurable – i.e. the exact GPIO pins used for servo control can be reconfigured in software. The other PRU does the incoming servo pulse recognition from the signal from the R/C receiver; APM uses the signal that multiplexes signaling for several servos on a single line.


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