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[DPRG] March meeting tutorial - how to get started with ROS

Subject: [DPRG] March meeting tutorial - how to get started with ROS
From: David Anderson davida at smu.edu
Date: Mon Feb 9 11:26:52 CST 2015

Not to sound overly cynical, but might this talk perhaps include a demo 
of an actual robot running ROS?   Maybe doing something that can't be 
done with a PIC chip?   Or will this be just another demo of a couple of 
laptops streaming data to each other?

Too much to hope for?  Paul, the ball's in your court!


On 02/08/2015 03:39 PM, Paradug wrote:
> -All,
>     Paul Bouchier has agreed to provide a tutorial on ROS at the DPRG 
> March 14th meeting. Here is what I asked him to cover, if you want 
> something different speak out.
>   "Paul, I think we are looking for a what are the requirements, how 
> to install, how to setup, what are the parts of ROS, how to use on the 
> most basic level, type of talk. "
> Regards,
> Doug P.
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