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[DPRG] new robot- the SMURB

Subject: [DPRG] new robot- the SMURB
From: vincent lopresti spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Feb 9 11:51:54 CST 2015

 the SMURBSuperMegaUltraRobotBrain 2ghz vilros rasberry pi w/linux 2Tb sd memorysmartphonest.com discovery boardbasic stamparduinopololu trexrenesas demo boardvarious sensors, leds, motors & servosportable 12v, 5v power source w/solar rechargecam w/xy mountportable micro led projector w/xy mountportable bluetooth speaker box i need a few guys to help with programming. you can log into the pi with windows remote access and program any of the other boards. everything is connected via usb. i plan on adding more controllers, cameras and special accessories [water squirter, business card dispenser, etc] can be use automonously or remotely with multiple users. if you're interested in this project please reply.    .    .
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