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[DPRG] Cheap Small Size Switching Regulator BasedWall Warts

Subject: [DPRG] Cheap Small Size Switching Regulator BasedWall Warts
From: Dick Swan dickswan at sbcglobal.net
Date: Fri Feb 13 08:58:50 CST 2015

You may have noticed that many newer wall warts are smaller in size than
older generation. That's because they often use a switching regulator rather
than the older transformer + diode technology. Some of the poorer quality
ones are also good at blowing up electronics. I found this interesting link
- http://www.nutsvolts.com/s/3937 -- which explains that on the poorer
quality one the no load voltage can be high enough to destroy the
electronics - like an Arduino - that they're plugged into.  There can be a
difference on whether AC or DC is plugged in last.

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