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[DPRG] Voting procedure for DPRG officers for 2015

Subject: [DPRG] Voting procedure for DPRG officers for 2015
From: richard neveau rsneveau at hotmail.com
Date: Sun Jan 4 03:01:25 CST 2015

no one else decided to run against the slate mentioned below. 

>   President               -    Doug Paradis
>   Vice President       -    Steve Edwards
>   Secretary               -    Richard Neveau
>   Treasurer               -    James LeRoy
>   Librarian                -    John Kuhlenschmidt

I can understand that with such a fine group of people it is hard to not be in support of this list <g>

please vote for or against this slate as a whole or feel free to split your vote with some for and some against. or you can 'write in' a name for any position ; and if your write in candidate has enough votes they can win also.

if you can't vote FOR the slate or any one person but are not actually strongly against anyone please send me an email requesting me to vote as your proxy so we can wrap this up and you still can - in spirit - protest the choice you are given without throwing a wrench into the mechanism.

To vote do not reply to this email but instead send your vote to the e-mail 

         secretary at dprg.org   

using the    forward   e-mail   command option so everyone doesn't see your vote. just add the text FOR or AGAINST or PROXY as first line of the forwarded mail or include more description if you want to split your vote or provide a write in for any position.

if you are a DPRG member PLEASE vote even if you are happy with the nominations as we must get to a certain count for the election to be closed. If we can't get enough votes I will have to keep pestering people to vote which I would like to avoid. Even if you plan to attend the Jan meeting - and we hope for a big turnout - please vote by e-mail in case your plans change.

as soon as we have enough votes recorded for all the positions I will let everyone know but officially voting will close right before the DPRG meeting at noon on Jan 11, 2015 ( our normal 2nd Sat meeting time ) so there is still time to gather up a group to mount a write in challenge for any position.

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