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[DPRG] Odometry and backlash

Subject: [DPRG] Odometry and backlash
From: Markus Lampert markus at bibi.ca
Date: Sun Jan 4 14:21:31 CST 2015


I am adding odometry to one of my robots and found a rather large variance in my calibration runs. As it turns out my gear motor has some backlash resulting in ~1 degree of heading "wiggle room". The quad encoder sits on the motor shaft, not on the wheel itself which means they don't pick up on the backlash at all.

I could not find any methods for backlash compensation other than for CNC machines, which doesn't seem to translate to mobile robots.

Is there a method to compensate for it or am I in the business of finding a 'better' drive train for my robot?

Thanks in advance,

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