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[DPRG] Proposed classes for 2015

Subject: [DPRG] Proposed classes for 2015
From: richard neveau rsneveau at hotmail.com
Date: Tue Jan 13 21:08:17 CST 2015

At the Jan meeting a number of ideas for classes or presentations were proposed for the coming year.

As you might expect there were more ideas for classes than people able to to do the presentations.

If you can help others learn more about any of the following topics please let someone know when we might be able to schedule your presentation. And as always if you have an idea for a presentation you can give that is not on this list please let one of the officers know and we can schedule it in.

In no particular order......

* Balancing robot approaches from David Anderson
* Machining on lathe. learning other metalworking tools.
* Transitioning from Arduino to ARM (bare metal/RTOS and/or Linux)
* RTOS basics
* Open CV or Simple CV 
* Slam basics
* ROS basics - in particular a 1000 ft overview of the framework and how things work together.
* Low level motor control. Picking an H Bridge or higher level motor controller. PID algorithm. Stepper motor control. 
* Gyros and accelerometers  
* Whats new in UBLOX - M8 GPS devices
* using Android phones for robotics
* Kinematics Path control for movement. Linear Algebra.
* Source Code control basics (maybe with git)

If there is some other topic you think we should try to cover in a future meeting let us know and maybe we can find someone to cover that topic.

Also if you even just have some experience on a topic that was hard won perhaps you can help others get up the learning curve faster. You don't need to be an 'expert' to give a presentation !!


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